Diversity in Industry (Diversity in Entrepreneurship)

“We think that diversity of experience, occupation, culture, and perspective is an essential aspect of entrepreneurship.”

Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster diversity among student entrepreneurial teams across our campus and state.


The Diversity in Entrepreneurship task force aims to increase awareness of entrepreneurship programs on the UNH campus while educating the student population on the benefits of diversity in innovation.


  • Host a multi-disciplinary event on campus during the spring semester to engage students of varied majors to take an interest in entrepreneurship.
  • Upon completion of the event, consider opportunities for improvement in the future. Establish an annually occurring time frame for this event.
  • Research and understand current demographics of entrepreneurial leaders on campus. This includes organizational leadership of groups such as the Entrepreneurship Club and Rines Angel Fund.
  • Create educational materials that can be used to promote the benefits of diversity in innovation based on industry research. Distribute these materials through social media channels and UNH innovation groups.

Fall 2018 Milestones

  • Dylan launched Entrepreneur’s Game of Life Fall 2018 as a proof-of-concept and received tremendously helpful feedback. This led to the whole team putting together the event in the spring, which saw even greater success.
  • We founded Wildcat Tank 2018 in partnership with the UNH Entrepreneurship Club. Wildcat Tank is a Shark Tank style competition to engage students in the ideation and business creation. The event was co-sponsored by the Maurice Prize and had over $2,000 in prizes.

Spring 2019 Milestones

  • We had 25-30 people participate in the Entrepreneur’s Game of Life Spring 2019. Although this event was successful, we established fall semester as the preferred time of year for this new, annual event, given that students tend to be more available.
  • We were able to improve female involvement in Entrepreneurship Club membership and leadership by reaching 30% female membership and electing a female board member.
  • We helped form and mentor teams for the Holloway Competition that included non-business majors including projects called ecoText, Stock Sense, and Ping. Ping has moved onto the final round of the competition, and ecoText was accepted into the Accelerate NH 2019 cohort.

2019 Entrepreneur’s Game of Life

2018 Wildcat Tank

Photos coming soon…

Who are we?

TJ Evarts

TJ Evarts is a chemical engineering student at UNH. He is the CEO of SMARTwheel Inc., a tech startup he founded in 2014. SMARTwheel is the first intelligent steering wheel cover that helps prevent distracted driving and has received international media recognition. TJ is very passionate about technology and entrepreneurship and has hosted, spoken, and exhibited at many STEM and entrepreneurship events across the country.

Amber Man

Amber is junior studying marketing and management at Paul College. She grew up in Quincy, Massachusetts, just fifteen minutes outside of Boston. Amber enjoys spending time outdoors and staying active. She is also a founding member of Voice Z Digital, an innovative up-and-coming marketing agency here at UNH.

Devin McMahon

Devin is a senior undergraduate of Paul College. She is pursuing a degree in business administration with an option in marketing. Originally from East Hampstead, NH, and with a history of social entrepreneurship, Devin is excited to be delving further into our local entrepreneurial ecosystem as the Co-Managing Director of the Rines Angel Fund. This led to her involvement in this Task Force with the Hamel Scholars, as she has seen first-hand the benefits that diversity can have on an entrepreneurial venture.

Noah Waller

Noah is an undergraduate at UNH studying neuroscience and behavior. He is interested in working with brain stimulation as a form of therapy in the future. Noah enjoys time with his friends, pursuing his studies, and his commitment to the UNH Men’s Rowing team.

Dylan Wheeler

Dylan grew up in Bow, NH, and is currently a junior at UNH pursuing degrees in Information Technology and Philosophy. He is a three-year Hamel Scholar in the Honors Program and is an active member of his community. When he isn’t crafting computer code, he enjoys practicing the art of cardistry, staying physically active, and building deep relationships while pondering his place in the universe.


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