Diversity in Industry (STEM Outreach)

The STEM Outreach subgroup exists to improve STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) literacy and interest among demographics of different ages, genders, and backgrounds.

Group Members

Nicholas Eagen, ’21
Connor Lennox, ’21
Jacob Baker, ’21
Kaylah Caires, ’20
Alexander Thorpe, ’21

Woodman Park Enrichment Program

During the late fall 2018 semester and spring 2019 semester, our group planned, organized, and conducted a “Super Sleuths” enrichment program for after-school students at Woodman Park Elementary School.



Our biggest challenge as a group has been making time to schedule meetings and organize activities. Our members all have very busy schedules with classes, work, and other involvements. However, we are getting better at this, and we are hoping that future semesters’ schedules will allow for more opportunities so that we can accomplish more as a group!

Future Goals

The Woodman Park Enrichment Program was very successful, so we would like to run more programs there in future semesters with the same or a new curriculum. Other possible goals for the future include:

  • Reaching out to STEM professors, clubs, fraternities, and companies to get them involved in STEM outreach activities
  • Talks and after-school activities at other local schools, of all levels, to foster STEM interest and literacy in the community
  • Discussing the importance of diversity in STEM fields
  • Exploring how STEM literacy affects policy-making and discussing the topic with state and local lawmakers