Diversity in Industry (STEM Outreach)

The STEM Outreach subgroup exists to improve STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) literacy and interest among demographics of different ages, genders, and backgrounds.

Group Members

Jackie Desrosiers

Chemical Engineering, class of 2023


Electrical Engineering, class of 2024


Chemical Engineering, class of 2024


Mechanical Engineering, class of 2024


Musical Theatre and minors in IT, Spanish, and Dance, class of 2024


Medical Laboratory Sciences,
class of 2024

Colton Workman

Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2024

Nathan Chasse

Computer Science, Class of 2025

Woodman Park Enrichment Program

During the late Fall 2018 semester and Spring 2019 semester, our group planned, organized, and conducted a “Super Sleuths” enrichment program for after-school students at Woodman Park Elementary School. This program was extended in Fall 2019 to include an engineering program that focused on design and building of buildings and catapults, culminating in an egg drop contest. Due to COVID-19 the program was not able to be continued into 2020, but an at-home adaptation of the curriculums is available on the website.

Super Sleuths

Exciting Engineering

Bridge Building
Many engineers work on building bridges – for cars, bikes, pedestrians, and many other things. Can you use things around the house to design some bridges that can hold up some weight?

Some parts of the world have earthquakes very often, and some places have them very rarely. In some places, engineers have to design buildings that can withstand the force of an earthquake. Using marshmallows and toothpicks, or any other materials you can find, try to design a building that can take a bit of shaking!

One of the most fun things that engineers have built over the years are catapults – capable of launching objects far away. Using popsicle sticks, a plastic spoon, and some rubber bands, you too can build your very own catapult!

Egg Drop
One of the most famous examples of engineering-at-home is the egg drop. Try and build a container that will help an egg survive a drop from a high place. Can you design something that will protect an egg as it falls?


Our biggest challenge as a group has been making time to schedule meetings and organize activities. Our members all have very busy schedules with classes, work, and other involvements. However, we are getting better at this, and we are hoping that future semesters’ schedules will allow for more opportunities so that we can accomplish more as a group!

Future Goals

The Woodman Park Enrichment Program was very successful, so we would like to run more programs there in future semesters with the same or a new curriculum. Other possible goals for the future include:

  • Reaching out to STEM professors, clubs, fraternities, and companies to get them involved in STEM outreach activities
  • Talks and after-school activities at other local schools, of all levels, to foster STEM interest and literacy in the community
  • Discussing the importance of diversity in STEM fields
  • Exploring how STEM literacy affects policy-making and discussing the topic with state and local lawmakers