Mission Statement: We are committed to bringing a diverse range of educational opportunities to others in our community.

Spring 2020 Education Task Force Activities

  • Educational activities with Dover Middle School after-school program. Alana, Caroline, and Nathaniel did Improv activities.

Fall 2019 Education Task Force Activities

  • Chemistry outreach events at Oyster River Middle School

Spring 2019 Education Task Force Activities

Set up for making “Moon Craters” at Woodman Park School family night, organized by Alana Gudinas.
Caroline Russell reading to children at Woodman Park family night with Nicole Jutras on March 28th.

Nathaniel Nichols making dry ice bubbles with Alpha Chi Sigma at Goffstown Elementary School Science Day.

Caroline Russell and Nathaniel Nichols volunteering at the FIRST Robotics Competition on March 31st.

Projects in The Works:

  • We are planning to host an enrichment night at UNH in the future. 
  • Working on collecting data about how the curriculum of local public schools can be strengthened. 
    • Surveying local elementary school teachers on where they would like to see their curriculum strengthened, and how college students can help.
  • More enrichment programs centered on integrating the arts.