The SUPER Initiative: Substance Use Prevention, Education, and Recovery

The SUPER Initiative aims to approach the issue of substance misuse in New Hampshire from three angles: prevention, education, and recovery.

Prevention: Work with local organizations to spread practices of safe use and harm reduction

Education: Inform the community about substance use disorders with the goal of destigmatizing them and encouraging recovery

Recovery: Promote and support local rehabilitation programs and recovery resources

  • Group Members:
  • Ian Ayer
  • Sandra Black
  • Emma Blair
  • Faith Farnham
  • Elizabeth Hilton
  • Brianna Judkins
  • Carley Canter
  • Elizabeth McGowan
  • Seamus Quinn
  • Adriana Radosavljevic
  • Grace Roy
  • Mitchell Scacchi
  • Madison Smith

The SUPER Initiative Task Force has been quite active this past semester both on campus and in the community. Our mission is to assist with prevention, education, and recovery for substance users in the New Hampshire community. As the opioid crisis in New Hampshire continues, we hope that the work we do as a task force can impact the way students on this campus understand substance misuse and help provide safe, clean materials for users in the community.

Over the semester, our task force has teamed up with HAND UP Health Services, the syringe services program of the New Hampshire Harm Reduction Coalition, to make kits for inject-able drug users to promote harm reduction. We hosted two kit making events over the semester, where we made over 400 kits which included naloxone kits, sterile syringes, tourniquets, and other resources. These kits were then brought to the HAND UP Health Services headquarters and distributed to those who needed them. We also hosted a clothing drive across the UNH to collect warm winter clothing that was provided to people in need who utilize HAND UP Health Services.

In addition to providing direct care, we worked on educating our own group members on substance misuse. This year’s UNH Sidore Lecture Series was themed around the opioid crisis, and we had many members of our task force attended the lecture on February 20th centered around education on the opioid crisis. In addition, several of our members met with Dr. Kerry Nolte of the UNH Nursing department to discuss harm reduction strategies.

We hope to repeat these events next year and continue our own education about addiction and the role we can play in assisting our community with this debilitating illness.