The Green Team: Environmental Well-being

Our mission: to learn, promote, and implement ways of being environmentally conscious, through both daily choices and wider-scale societal actions.

~Green Team Members~

Jared Fortier – Class of 2023

Computer Engineering Major

Fun Fact: Jared’s favorite TV show is Game of Thrones.

Kylee Casner – Class of 2022

Undeclared Major

Fun Fact: Kylee loves to look at fossils and her goal is to visit as many natural history museums as possible.

Jessica Manning – Class of 2021

Environmental Engineering Major

Fun Fact: Jessica enjoys playing with her cat.

Samuel Cranford – Class of 2021

Mechanical Engineering Major

Fun Fact: Samuel loves to be outside and enjoys skiing and hiking.

Jackie Harris – Class of 2023

Earth Science Major

Fun Fact: Jackie can walk on her hands in a handstand!

Seamus Quinn – Class of 2022

Civil Engineering Major

Fun Fact: Seamus’s high school soccer team won the 2016 New Hampshire State Championship.

Sydney Gendreau – Class of 2022

Environmental and Resource Economics, and Sustainability Dual Major

Fun Fact: Sydney has visited eight National Parks so far and she plans to eventually visit them all!

Elisabeth Hunter – Class of 2023

Undeclared Major

Fun Fact: Elisabeth enjoys crocheting and is particularly good at making small crochet decorations.

Darby O’Neil – Class of 2020

Political Science and International Affairs Dual Major

Fun Fact: Darby recently returned to UNH after living abroad for six months, first studying in Russia for a semester before spending her summer conducting research in Kazakhstan.

Oliver Fetter – Class of 2020

Mechanical Engineering Major

Fun Fact: Oliver is Co-Captain of the UNH Baja SAE Racing Team

Our Activities:

November 3rd – Hampton Beach Cleanup

Green team shipped it out to the chilly waters of Hampton Beach on November 3rd to clean up. Every year, a million tons of trash get dumped into the ocean, ruining environments and threatening species. Every little bit helps!

March 11th – Movie Night

Join the Green Team in MUB Theater 1 at 7:00 pm to watch Ice on Fire, a documentary about the climate crisis! Free popcorn provided!