The Green Team: Environmental Well-being

Our mission: to learn, promote, and implement ways of being environmentally conscious, through both daily choices and wider-scale societal actions.

“What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Flip through to see some photos of New Hampshire’s beautiful mountains and foliage!

The Green Team spent time encouraging sustainable Earth Day practices!

Image made by Matt Noyer

◊◊◊ Current Events ◊◊◊

The Green Team Task Force has partnered with the Blue Ocean Society to adopt Adam’s Point Beach in Durham, NH.

Members of our task force take monthly trips to Adams Point Beach where we collect trash and clear debris from the shoreline.

Take a look at our Trash Collection Timeline!

  • December 20, 2020: 12.5 lbs Collected

  • January 17, 2021: 8.5 lbs Collected

  • April 18, 2021: 11.5 lbs Collected

Beach Clean Ups at Adam’s Point

Campus Clean Ups

Reusable Bag Making Event

Interested in learning more about current events regarding green technology, the environment, and sustainable energy?
Check out The Energy Gang Podcast!

◊◊◊ Green Team Members ◊◊◊

Class of 2021

Sam Cranford

Mechanical Engineer Major

Interests: Hiking, surfing, and skiing

As part of the UNH Together initiative, I help by social distancing and attending zoom meetings.

Jessica Manning

Environmental Engineering Major

Interests: Hiking, sustainability, research, community development

As part of the UNH Together initiative, I help by attending Zoom events when applicable, as it’s great to see people, just not in person

Class of 2022

Sydney Gendreau

Environmental and Resource Economic with a dual major in Sustainability

Interests: Conservation, hiking, boating, baking, music, and skiing

As part of the UNH Together initiative, I help by limiting social circle, carrying extra masks with me wherever I go in case a friend forgets one, having open conversations with others about the risks of certain actions and activities

Kylee Casner

Health Sciences & Society and Sustainability Major

I am particularly passionate about social justice. My hobbies include hiking, cooking, & embroidery.

As part of the UNH Together initiative, I help by wearing a mask everywhere I go; limiting the people that I see; disinfecting surfaces (like desks) before and after I use them.

Seamus Quinn

Civil Engineering Major

Interests: Soccer, hiking, and camping

As part of the UNH Together initiative, I have been learning remotely by attending my lectures on zoom and participating in socially distanced club activities like hikes and outdoor meetings.

Class of 2023

Jackie Harris

Env. Sci. Hydrology Major

Interests: Music, social justice, sustainability, YouTube, and being with friends

As part of the UNH Together initiative, I follow mask guidelines, attend clubs and events via zoom, limit my close contacts, and try to come up with social distance hangout ideas for my friends and me.

Jared Fortier

Computer Engineering Major

Interests: Sports, science fiction, board games, and hiking

As part of the UNH Together initiative, I practice safe social distancing and prioritize hygiene and washing my hands often!

Matt Noyer

Chemical Engineering Major

Interests: Hiking, rock climbing, and skiing

As part of the UNH Together initiative, I always making sure to rinse and recycle meal containers and use reusable utensils. Respecting social distancing and mask guidelines while using any UNH facility

Cole Fournier

Env. Sci. Ecosystems Major

I love experiencing nature in its most calm and most extreme states. In the summer, I try to hike as often as I can and take in the fresh smell of wood, leaves, and water. In the winter, I enjoy facing off against the brutal conditions of weather in the white mountains. When I’m not hiking, I’m probably learning about the natural world around me whether in or out of class. I also love spending time with those who I care about and traveling to have new experiences with them.

As part of the UNH Together initiative, I’m making sure to keep my close contacts to a minimum and spend more time with my suite-mates. I also have socially distanced walks with my parents while we wear masks around campus. For dining, I make sure to use my own reusable utensils and I clean out my plastic to-go containers to be recycled.

Elisabeth Hunter

Undeclared Major

I like crocheting, birdwatching, and studying ancient mythology.

I am learning remotely this year, and as part of the UNH Together initiative, I practice social distancing at home and participating in classes in the Hamel Scholars program through Zoom.

Olivia Patterson

Recreation Management & Policy: Program & Event Management Major

Interests: Working with kids, listening to music, and spending time with friends

As part of the UNH Together initiative, I help by social distancing, taking online classes, recycling as much as possible.

Class of 2024

Chloe Gross

Environmental Conservation and Sustainability Major

Interests: Running, painting, and hiking

As part of the UNH Together initiative, I participated in PrOVES.