Animal Welfare

Our Mission

To increase animal welfare in our community through wildlife advocacy, volunteer work, and charity that all help preserve wildlife habitats or provide care for our domestic furry friends.

Volunteer Work

Above are animals fostered by Animal Welfare task force members. Fostering offers a loving environment outside a shelter’s kennel for dogs and cats awaiting adoption. Fostering also gives these animals valuable skills that makes them more adoptable, and offers them more time to find the perfect match for a forever home!

Skye (pictured right) was rescued, pregnant, by a task force member, and gave birth to 11 puppies! All pups and momma Skye found great homes. Foster kitty Sapphire and her kittens (pictured left) found a safe haven with a member and all the kittens and mom eventually found good homes for Christmas!

Eileen McKenna, pictured left, has been volunteering at Kittery Animal Hospital for years. She has helped members find volunteering opportunities in their home towns over winter breaks. She’s also taken the responsibility of raising 50 chicks for her PEEPS class!

Fundraising and Donations

We have run multiple fundraising campaigns and the community has always been happy to help. On Instagram we posted boards asking for donations and were able to purchase a table-full of toys and treats for Kittery Animal Hospital! We’ve also done raffles in the UNH MUB which have been successful as well.

Raising Awareness

The only way to get other involved with animal welfare is to make them aware of the problems in the first place! During covid-19, we advertised a board infographic to help pet owners care for and protect their animals and clear transmission misinformation. We also held a movie night to promote animal welfare. We watched Blackfish and both the turnout and snacks were great!

Cleaning Our Local Habitats

Beach Clean-Up with The Green Team

Pollution is a big threat to animal welfare. To help marine life avoid the dangers of trash and plastic on the beaches and in the water, we joined the Green Teams effort to clean the beaches.

Can’t Forget College Woods!

We’ve been cleaning up college woods for a few years now and covid-19 isn’t going to change that. Instead of going as a group, each member went to college woods to clean up at different times. While we couldn’t work together as a team, we wanted to make sure we were still doing our part in caring for wildlife habitat.

Our Members

Eileen McKenna, Rachel Lewis, Caelin McKenna, Robert Morin, Katherine Remeis, Valerie Pascetta, Andri Potapenko, Connor Schott, Alex Tarczon, Christian Workman, and Colton Workman