Animal Welfare

Our Mission

A Future For Dogs

By fostering dogs, adopting at-risk dogs from shelters, or charting a path for better genetic diversity in purebreds, our Task Force members aim to make a direct impact of the lives, and the future, of dogs.

A Future For Cats

By volunteering at shelters, fostering cats, and becoming advocates for animal welfare laws, our Task Force members strive to improve the lives of felines in our communities.

A Future For Wildlife.

Through volunteering and wildlife advocacy, our Task Force aims to create a better environment so wild animals can thrive.

Our Members

Bridget Baker, Odin Brickford, Alyssa Felder, Sydney Gendreau, Eileen McKenna, Lily Mitchell, Valerie Pascetta, Andri Potapenko, Connor Schott, Alex Tarczon, Christian Workman.

Our Accomplishments 2018-2019

Foster kitty Sapphire and her kittens found a safe haven with an Animal Welfare task force member. All kittens and momma found good homes for Christmas!
Skye was rescued, pregnant, by a task force member, and gave birth to 11 puppies! All pups and momma Skye found great homes.
Dogs fostered by an Animal Welfare task force member. Fostering offers a loving environment outside a shelter’s kennel for dogs awaiting adoption. Fostering also gives the dog valuable skills that makes them more adoptable, and offers them more time to find the perfect match for a forever home!

Animal Welfare in the future depends on the attitudes of all people. What we choose to support effects how animals around the world are treated. This movie showing hosted by our task force aims to open a discussion on wild animals’ treatments in captivity.
Pollution is a big threat to animal welfare. To help marine life avoid the dangers of trash and plastic on the beaches and in the water, the task force joined in an effort to clean the beaches.
Our task force members made an effort to volunteer at local shelters over break. Shelters often need help cleaning or playing with animals to insure the animals are happy and healthy for adoption. One task force member is organizing a drive for supplies to help the animals at the shelter.

Our Goals For The Future

The Animal Welfare Task Force aims to continue our trend of making an impact on the lives of animals. Fostering dogs and cats, cleaning our environment, volunteering at shelters, and hosting events for animal welfare awareness are all activities we will pursue as a group here at UNH, as well as independently in our own communities.