Food Security and Homelessness

Our Mission Statement: To improve access to nutritious food and provide adequate housing for struggling families and individuals in New Hampshire, while also promoting meaningful relationships with local farmers and soup kitchens.

Food for Children is an organization that helps provide food to those in need at no cost. Every Saturday they have an event to distribute this food. We volunteered through the NH Food Bank to help organize and prepare the food for distribution on Saturday, April 17th. We were able to help around 200 people get the food they need. This was a really good, successful event, and in the future, we hope to be able to volunteer with them again to reach more people.

If you want to find out how to volunteer with them, follow the link!

Check out our food drive poster from last year, and keep your eyes open for future ones!

Waysmeet is a local nonprofit that works closely with UNH to provide good, quality food to food pantries and those in need that fills nutritional and availability needs. Waysmeet also helps those in need by providing classes and lessons to those in need about cooking and sustainability. Here is a link to their website with more details and volunteering information:

Gather is a food pantry organization that is serving the New Hampshire Seacoast. Gather is using new and innovative ways to help those in need, such as Meals 4 Kids, Meals 4 Seniors, Pantry Market, and others. For more information, here is the URL for the website:

Volunteers from the Basics Needs For All Task Force preparing food at Friendly kitchen in Concord, NH.
Bakery donations from a local grocery store are served to guests at Friendly Kitchen.
Fresh food donation at Waysmeet
Fresh produce donations to Waysmeet — something that’s not easily available for every food pantry. Produce donations help provide a more balanced diet for those in need, and Waysmeet makes efforts to cook any extra produce into other foods to make sure nothing goes to waste.
Task Force volunteers at Waysmeet

The Homeless Center for Strafford County aids those in need in the Strafford County area, as well as Eastern Rockingham County and Southern York County as well. As well as emergency sheltering, the center also offers job search help and interviewing skills help, in addition to case management services, nutrition and parenting classes as well. To find out more, here is the URL for their website:

On Saturday, February 23rd, seven Hamel Scholars from the “Basic Needs for All” task force, along with two additional friends, volunteered at the Homeless Center for Strafford County in Rochester, NH. The task force members helped the shelter move several bedrooms worth of furniture from a storage facility into a moving truck and then from the moving truck into the shelter. The furniture was donated by a local business, and it will be given to six local families, as well as be used when the shelter moves to a larger location in 2021. The group worked hard to help move heavy furniture pieces over the course of a couple hours. We were all thrilled to be able to help out a local organization in need!

The Basic Needs Task Force volunteers in front of the moving van for the Strafford County Homeless shelter
Basic Needs Task Force volunteers moving furniture out of the Strafford County Homeless Shelter’s storage and into their moving van

Interested in building your own garden? Want to help your local food pantries? Check out this DIY foldable greenhouse and start your very own gardens!

Members: Sarah Blampied, Jocelyne Bisson, Alexander Charest, Megan Cramton, Trevor Fenoff, Connor Joyce, Kathryn MacLeod, Kelsey Mercurio, Liam Morrissey, Gregory Novotny, Aubrey Porter


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