Diversity and Inclusion


Promote diversity and inclusion to the larger UNH community in a way that benefits both current and future Wildcats.


  • Provided diversity and inclusion training through Safezones panels to the Hamel Scholar community
  • Members also brought Safezones panels to other audiences such as the Nursing major program
  • Members attended programs such as the MLK leadership summit, Indigenous People’s Day forum, Alliance Drag Ball, etc in order to further the task force’s education


All diversity and inclusion task force members are expected to:

  • Attend two educational events every semester that are broadly related to the topics of diversity and inclusion
  • Use their campus involvement to connect UNH resources such as Safezones to student organizations, Greek Life, academic departments, etc
  • Participate in one of the two committees in order to transform our task force goals into action


First Impact: targeting first year students in order to provide a foundation for an education in diversity and inclusion

  • Working to provide diversity and inclusion training to students at Freshman orientation through outreach with orientation leaders
  • Working to impact 400 level classes by providing resources on aspiring allyship and other relevant topics
  • Communicating with professors on how to best tackle the topics of diversity and inclusion in the classroom

Committee Leader: Brianna Mastro (bcm1020@wildcats.unh.edu)

Continual Outreach: provide more in depth resources for continued education that should engage the greater UNH community in diversity and inclusion

  • Working with connections to bring off campus resources to UNH for diversity training talks
  • Compiling a full list of UNH diversity and inclusion resources in order to distribute the information
  • Exploring ways to raise interest in topics of diversity and inclusion through the COLA career boot camp and the UNH instagram page

Committee Leader: Crystina Friese (cmf1026@wildcats.unh.edu)


  • Molly Boodey
  • Emily Chen
  • Crystina Friese
  • Sage Gould
  • Sophia Hughes
  • Alyssa Jobin
  • Isabelle Kapoian
  • Brianna Mastro
  • Emily McPherson
  • Michael Newell
  • David Suoth
  • Gordon Unzen
  • Rose Walker

For more information about the task force as a whole, contact Gordon Unzen (gu1001@wildcats.unh.edu) or Isabelle Kapoian (ijk1004@wildcats.unh.edu)