Diversity in Industry (Women in STEM)

Our mission is to inspire young women to pursue interests, education, and careers in STEM fields, and to promote diversity in STEM.

Group Members

Isabel Beaulieu, Alissa Reitter, Julia Leary, Mallory Cashman, Anastasia Marchuk, Holly Farrell and Melissa Rooney

2018-2019 Accomplishments

  • Worked with local Girl Scout Troops to promote hands on STEM experiences while helping them earn STEM badges.
  • Planning ‘World Thinking Day’ event for Southern Maine Girl Scout Troops.  This event is focused on providing young women with technical experiences in various STEM fields, such as engineering, chemistry, math, etc.
  • Working on planning an all day event at UNH next fall for middle school girls to learn about STEM in a college atmosphere.  We will give tours of various STEM buildings on campus, have a panel, and provide hands on experiences.

Goals for Future

  • Hold the all day event at UNH sometime next fall.
  • Reach out to local schools and develop an after school program or something of that sort.
  • Connect with other on campus groups with similar goals.

Contact: Alissa Reitter akr1019@wildcats.unh.edu

Girl Scout Meetings

Helping the girl scouts get their engineering badges
Supplies they were able to use to make things that would turn, open/close, pick up things, etc.

World Thinking Day

Alissa’s engineering station
Julia’s chemistry table
Sorting M&Ms at Isabel’s statistics station
Emma helped these girls make shooting stars!
World Thinking Day 2019