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Mission Statement :

Our mission is to provide UNH students accurate and easy to understand information about financial responsibility and budgeting properly.

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What Can I Learn From This Page?

On this website, you will be able to learn about what we have accomplished as a Task Force, Financial Awareness, as well as who we are as Wildcats! Also be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

The Wellness Wheel encompasses occupational and financial wellness; this does not mean simply having enough money from your job, but that you should have creative thinking, joy, and interest in your profession while earning money for finances.

Activities for 2019-2020:

Financial Jeopardy 2019

The Financial Wellness Task Force held a Jeopardy night where contestants were asked various questions on personal finance. Prizes included gift cards to the Works, Wildcat Pizza, and Dominos!

Task Force members and contestants together for Financial Jeopardy.
Task Force members with food pantry donations.

Activities for 2018-2019:

The Nutrition Expo

The University of New Hampshire held its Nutrition Expo at the Hamel Rec Center on March 28th. Our Task Force members learned about various topics regarding nutrition, including cooking healthy meals on a low budget, the Wellness Wheel, and the effects of food on alcohol consumption.

Andy visits a table involving ways college students can create healthy meals on a low budget.

The nutrition expo seen from above.

Kersten and Selena went to various tables, including one about making healthy breakfasts.

A sign about Sports Nutrition and a table at the entrance of the expo.

Meet the Wellness Task Force!

Here’s a little information on everyone in our Task Force!

President: Yuri Makar

As a lifelong fitness fanatic, Yuri has been involved in every facet of wellness, ranging from personal training all the way to creating meal plans for newbie weightlifters and athletes. When he isn’t providing personal training, Yuri likes to work on cars and do research on historical events. He is a Biomedical Science MVS Major and is planning on going into dentistry.

Social Media Coordinator: Selena Richards

Selena is a junior Computer Science major from Colebrook, New Hampshire. She joined the Wellness Task Force to help other students learn more about personal finance. She is a Hanson Scholar, a UTA for CS 415 and CS 416, and a PAC Consultant. She also has three goats.

Mackenzie French– Executive Editor

Mackenzie French is a Biomedical Science major from the Lakes Region, NH. Some of her hobbies include dancing, which shes has done for 15 years, eating healthy, and hanging out with friends. She takes her academics very seriously, but she is also a strong advocate for mental health and living an all around happy, healthy, and positive life.

Alexandra Papadakis– Project Manager

Alex Papadakis is a junior studying Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, with a dual major in EcoGastronomy. She is a New Hampshire resident who grew up living in the Seacoast. In terms of hobbies, she enjoys all things outdoors– hiking, skiing, running, and even just walking through the UNH trails. When she’s not in class or outside, you can find her working a couple of jobs on campus, including as a Writing Assistant for the Connors Writing Center, as Group Fitness Instructor at the Hamel Recreation Center (HRC) and also as a Program Assistant that oversees all of the fitness program staff at the HRC. While her major doesn’t exactly pertain to this task force, she is a strong advocate for general health and well-being.

Noah Lapointe– Assistant to the Regional Manager

Noah Lapointe is from Rochester, NH and is a sophomore Business Administration student in the Paul College. In his free time, he likes to play basketball at the Rec Center.