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Mission Statement :

Our mission is to provide UNH students accurate and easy to understand information about financial responsibility and budgeting properly.

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What Can I Learn From This Page?

On this website, you will be able to learn about what we have accomplished as a Task Force, Financial Awareness, as well as who we are as Wildcats! Also be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

The Wellness Wheel encompasses occupational and financial wellness; this does not mean simply having enough money from your job, but that you should have creative thinking, joy, and interest in your profession while earning money for finances.

Activities for 2019-2020:

Financial Jeopardy 2019

The Financial Wellness Task Force held a Jeopardy night where contestants were asked various questions on personal finance. Prizes included gift cards to the Works, Wildcat Pizza, and Dominos!

Task Force members and contestants together for Financial Jeopardy.
Task Force members with food pantry donations.

Activities for 2018-2019:

The Nutrition Expo

The University of New Hampshire held its Nutrition Expo at the Hamel Rec Center on March 28th. Our Task Force members learned about various topics regarding nutrition, including cooking healthy meals on a low budget, the Wellness Wheel, and the effects of food on alcohol consumption.

Andy visits a table involving ways college students can create healthy meals on a low budget.

The nutrition expo seen from above.

Kersten and Selena went to various tables, including one about making healthy breakfasts.

A sign about Sports Nutrition and a table at the entrance of the expo.

Meet the Wellness Task Force!

Here’s a little information on everyone in our Task Force!

Selena Richards – President

Selena is a junior Computer Science major from Colebrook, New Hampshire.  As part of the Financial Wellness Task Force, she hopes to help other students find ways to save during college.  Here at UNH, she is a Computer Science Teaching Assistant and a consultant at the Programming Assistance Center.  In her free time, she loves making YouTube videos and learning about the animation industry.

Lizzy Nicols – Vice President

Lizzy is a freshman Business Administration major from Sunapee, New Hampshire. Aside from being on the Financial Wellness taskforce, she is also Treasurer for Scott Hall Council, a Presidential Scholar, and a Paul Scholar. In her free time, she enjoys being outside- hiking, running, and wakesurfing. In the winter, Lizzy and her family go to their camp in Pittsburg, New Hampshire to snowmobile in the mountains near Canada. On the Financial Wellness Task Force, she hopes to make students at UNH more aware of the financial decisions that they are making in college and how small changes can drastically improve their futures.

Alexandra Papadakis – Project Manager

Alex Papadakis ‘21 is a four-year Hamel Scholar. Papadakis has a major in Nutrition and Dietetics with a dual major in EcoGastronomy and is committed to promoting health and wellness in her community. Wellness is an all-encompassing term with so many avenues, but Papadakis moves away from the healthy eating side of things to join the Hamel Scholar Financial Wellness taskforce. There, she joins a team of students committed to providing UNH students with the resources they need to start becoming financially responsible and to start budgeting properly. As a student who holds multiple part-time jobs in addition to a full-time, rigorous class load, Papadakis shares her insight and personal experience with the team.

Mackenzie French – Executive Editor

Mackenzie French is a junior Biomedical Science: Medical and Veterinary Science major. She is pre-chiropractic and enjoys doing yoga, reading, and all things related to health and wellness. She is very interested in financial wellness, as she plans on owning her own medical practice one day and wants to graduate college debt free!

Noah Lapointe– Assistant to the Regional Manager

Noah is a Junior Business Administration student focusing on Marketing and Sales at the Paul School. He loves all types of sports especially basketball and football.  When he isn’t in class, you can often find him working at Buffalo Wild Wings or binge watching something on Netflix. He is always trying to learn more about being financially responsible and has chosen this task force to help share any knowledge he can with others.

Yuri Makar

As a member of the financial wellness task force for over 3 years, Yuri has made it his mission to teach greater society about financial literacy. Whether it be through ovarian cancer research, or through student government, Yuri has made it his goal to help students, and financial independence and literacy are no exceptions to that rule.

Karthik Chalumuri

Karthik Chalumuri is a Statistics major and IT minor from Keene, NH. He’s a twin, likes to cook, and rows for the Men’s Rowing Team. He joined Financial Wellness to help others achieve their financial goals. Karthik is part of the Pre-Law Society, and he plans on going into corporate law. He was awarded “Granite Stater of the Month” by Sen. Maggie Hassan for co-founding the cancer-support group, “Students for Hope.” Based on these past experiences, he looks forward to helping his community as the opportunity arises.

Anthony Sanville

Anthony ‘24 is a Paul scholar majoring in business finance at the Paul College at UNH. Anthony hopes to spread knowledge about ways to achieve passive income to gain financial freedom. He believes that anyone has the capability to achieve greatness and his goal is to instill that idea to others. 

Jackson Perkins

Jackson Perkins is a freshman Ocean Engineering Major from Dover, New Hampshire. His goal in the Financial Wellness Task Force is to help other students come out of college the most financially stable they can and with basic finance knowledge they may need for the future. In his free time; Jackson enjoys playing golf, lacrosse, and archery. He is also avid in the outdoors and loves to go hunting and fishing.